INTRODUCTION – The Leadership Evolution


We are in the midst of an evolution in leadership. Throughout history, unless you were born into power or wealth, leadership was not an option. With rare exceptions, the only choice for most people was to live fear-based or die. The only choice for leaders was to lead fear-based or lose.

Today, people have a different choice. They can continue to choose to live fear-based lives, and to follow fear-based leaders. Or, they can instead choose to be love-based leaders.
The Love-Based Leader explains the fundamental concepts of this evolution. More importantly, it provides practical techniques for the development of love-based leadership as your vehicle for the creation of desired results … personally, professionally, and globally.

For me, the quest to understand and teach the concepts and techniques of love-based leadership began in Chicago in 1975. That was the summer I was finally talked into attending my parent’s LifeStream personal growth seminar. Please take a journey with me back in time.



I am sitting in the audience, waiting for the seminar to begin. About 45 people are seated in typical seminar chairs, packed closely together, with an aisle down the center. I am sitting three rows back, on the left side of the room, facing front. There are windows to the right and rear of the room, a solid wall in front, and doors to the left. In the front of the room there is an easel stand with a large pad of paper.

Most of the people around me are chatting. I am sitting quietly by myself and wondering why I have come. My parents, who own and present this seminar, have been trying to get me here for about two years.

I am hoping this finally gets them off my back. In four days, we won’t have to talk about it anymore. They will no longer be able to tell me that I am missing something special. Not only that, I will soon be able to dismiss this ridiculous concept of personal growth that they keep preaching to me. I am already looking for ways to shoot holes in the idea.

I seriously doubt that I will experience anything special, and in fact, am sitting here wondering why all of these people have paid money to my parents for this four-day, so-called, self-improvement seminar. I am sarcastically thinking, “Did my parents withhold all of the good stuff until I paid a tuition?” My thoughts are judgmental and resistant.

Finally, my father enters the room and begins the seminar by welcoming us all, and challenging us to be responsible for creating our own value from the weekend. “The value won’t come from what you take from this seminar,” he tells us, “It will come from what you are prepared to give.”

I am thinking, “So, what is he going to be doing if we have to create the value?” I would really rather not be here.

Then, my father looks at us and says something that changes my life. He points to the center of the audience and says,


“You are only as big as the smallest thing it takes to upset you.”


For some reason, that really upsets me. After all, I reason, it is not my fault if someone else is being mean or stupid. Then it occurs to me that in my lifetime, there have been many tiny little things that have upset me. All of a sudden I am thinking, “What if my father is right? And, if he is right, if all it takes to upset me is for someone to make a stupid statement, then I must be pretty small indeed.”

I do not like having that thought, but I cannot get it out of my mind. At that moment I realize for the bulk of my life, if someone treated me badly I resented them – and if someone treated me nicely I liked them. Basically, my life had been controlled by how the people around me had been treating me. I wonder, could this explain why I am filled with so many insecurities despite all of my blessings?

I decide to discover how I can become bigger than the little things that have hurt my feelings and made me feel angry or insecure. Heck, I am tired of spending my life worrying about what everyone else is thinking anyway.

I am suddenly aware that my father is still speaking. He says, “The bottom line is you have a choice. You can choose to live in fear and justify it, or you can choose to take responsibility for your own life and to live in love. By the end of this weekend you will know how to make that choice.” I make a conscious choice to take him up on the challenge.



That was the beginning of my quest to become a love-based leader, even though my parents did not use that terminology. It has thus far led to successes far beyond my dreams.

Had I realized where this quest was going to take me, I would have certainly hesitated. My low self worth would never have allowed for me to envision speaking in nine countries, and with companies such as Walt Disney Feature Animation – much less to share the speaker’s platform with world-class leaders such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Brian Holloway, Congressman Ed Foreman, and others. No, those would have been impossible dreams for me.

If you are ready to become a love-based leader, then prepare now for the creation of successes bigger than you have ever dreamed. Not just bigger than what you have achieved, but bigger than what you have dreamed.


It has been said that dreams are what give our lives value.
But, it is how we live that determines if our dreams have value.


Throughout history, humans have consistently resisted change. For example, we have known for hundreds of years that there is no truth what-so-ever to the terms “sunrise” and “sunset” … the Sun neither rises nor sets. It just appears to do so as the Earth spins on its axis. Even though this fact is common knowledge, these terms are still in general usage.

Change is now occurring so rapidly that for the first time in history, you can literally stand on a street corner and observe change taking place. Many of these changes are being resisted, to be sure. But some are being embraced.

We have seen the Internet, personal computers, cell-phones, PDAs, HD television, and other technological wonders achieve global market penetration and acceptance. This has occurred far more rapidly than anyone could have imagined just a few years ago, and the pace of change is accelerating.

Rapid changes are not just occurring in technology. In 1900, there were only 15 democracies in the world and only two in Europe. Today there are over 120 democracies in the world and only two nations in Europe are not democracies (and one of them is Vatican City).

The result of all of this change is a volatile and unpredictable world. Intimate relationships often seem to cause more frustration than fulfillment. Many families are in turmoil. A large number of corporations are floundering or failing. The United States has been involved in two wars. Fears of a global recession abound.

While people have almost always been threatened on several different fronts, the evolution of leadership is changing how people are dealing with these challenges. It is becoming increasingly unacceptable, for example, to hate the “enemy” simply because someone in power thinks we should.
Traditional “position-power” leadership has always been fear-based. By utilizing their positions of authority, husbands have controlled their wives, parents have controlled their children, bosses have controlled their employees, and governments have controlled their citizens. Position-power has been effective because most people have lived fear-based lives.
Today however, those relying on position-power are becoming increasingly frustrated because the fear-based strategies and behaviors of the past are rapidly losing effectiveness. In fact, it is becoming apparent that efforts to control others are facing more and more resistance … personally, professionally, and globally.

Buckminster Fuller discovered that everything changed in 1976, when fear-based living shifted from being the solution to being the problem (see the “Foreword” beginning on page 7). Today, more people than ever are longing to stop living fear-based lives. The Love-Based Leader will show them the way.


Hard work, challenges, and threats are not new for people.
What is new is the chance for them to be leaders …
if they choose to lead with love.


Since 1979, the concepts and techniques in The Love-Based Leader have been refined in over 1,500 personal and professional development seminars and keynote addresses in the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Thailand, New Zealand, Bahamas, and Dubai. They have helped tens of thousands of people to overcome everything from minor irritations to unimaginable tragedies. Many of their stories are included in this book in order to assist you in solving your own personal and professional challenges.

The Love-Based Leader is your handbook for the creation of successes with your life, not just in your life. If this stirs something in you, and you want to understand what this truly means and how to do it, then you have already begun your journey.

Regardless of your circumstances and how you feel about them, you have a choice. You can live fear-based or you can lead love-based. The world has enough people living fear-based. We need love-based leaders and we need them now.

Welcome to the quest,
James Roswell Quinn

My dream is of a joyous world where all people treat themselves,
all other people, and Earth with honor and respect.


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