FOREWORD – The Trimtab Principle


by Steven Sieden



Buckminster Fuller

Businessman, statesman, inventor, futurist, architect of the geodesic dome, 

and the man who coined the term “Spaceship Earth”.

“Bucky” has one of the longest listings in the history of Who’s Who in America.


We find ourselves in the last stages of a great cosmic final examination. As Buckminster Fuller wrote in 1983, “The cosmic question has been asked. Are humans worthwhile to Universe?” 

“Bucky” said our exam could be boiled down to one simple question, “Am I choosing love or fear?” He recognized while this choice of love over fear is actually quite logical today; it was not rational for our ancestors.

In the 1930’s, Fuller was the first person to take a thorough accounting of all Earth’s resources. He determined that we were continually doing “more with less”. Fuller surmised that our “more with lessing” would eventually create a world in which there was enough for everyone, and he sought to determine when that would take place.


“Humanity is taking its final examination. We have come 

to an extraordinary moment when it doesn’t have to be 

you or me anymore. There is enough for all.

… Buckminster Fuller


His calculations led him to predict that the shift would occur in 1976. It has now been proven that, in 1976, humankind became so efficient that we could feed everyone on Earth. That statistic also applies to all other resources including non-physical ones such as love.

There is enough of everything, but most of us continue to react from the mindset of pre-1976 when we had to fight for “our share” and to make sure that our family and friends had what they needed. We did this out of fear, which was valid prior to the 1976 transition. Now, more than ever, we need to recognize that there is enough for everyone and begin to contribute and share wholeheartedly. In other words, we need to act out of love rather than fear.

The question then becomes, how does one individual accomplish this? How can we each manifest what makes the most difference, and give our individual gifts in the most effective manner possible?

This seems like a difficult challenge until we consider all that was accomplished by the great women and men who lived in an era where there really was not enough to go around. Those brave individuals gave of themselves in ways we can only describe as heroic, even though their peers often perceived them as unstable.

These wise ancestors often used a strategy we too can employ. They looked to see where they could make the most difference with the least effort, thereby allowing them to do much more with very little. Bucky Fuller compared this behavior to that of a ship’s trimtab.


“A large ship goes by, and then comes the rudder. 

On the edge of the rudder is a miniature rudder called a trimtab. 

Moving the trimtab builds a low pressure which turns the 

rudder that steers the gigantic ship with almost no effort.  

One individual can be a trimtab, making a major difference.”

… Buckminster Fuller


Bucky’s tombstone reads, “Call Me Trimtab”



James Roswell Quinn has been a trimtab with much of his life. Rather than devoting the majority of his time to one-on-one consultation, he shares his talents and insights with groups of people. I have personally utilized many of the techniques he teaches. Quinn has a great deal to offer at this critical juncture in the evolution of humankind.

The trimtab principle is available to each of us as well. We may not be the people who stand in front of a room or write a book, but we have a responsibility to uncover our unique talents and gifts, and share them with the world in an effective manner.

Within Bucky’s, “World that works for everyone”, that has emerged since 1976, we are all vital to the process of making a global shift by becoming accountable for leading from a position of love in all aspects of our lives. We need more people who reflect this perspective of love, rather than the fear that has dominated our society since the dawn of recorded history. We need average individuals, as many leaders have described themselves, to step forward into their true calling.

James Roswell Quinn has been on the leading edge of supporting this emerging reality and the transformation that it offers to every crew member aboard Spaceship Earth. With this book, he shares a wealth of information gained from teaching hundreds of seminars and workshops.

The Love-Based Leader is a great toolbox for those seeking to make a positive difference in the world. Many have embarked on the journey toward becoming what Quinn describes as a “love-based leader”. It may not always be smooth sailing, but I can assure you it is the only way our children and their children will survive and prosper.


“Whether humanity is to continue and comprehensively 

prosper on Spaceship Earth depends entirely on 

the integrity of the human individuals, 

and not on the political and economic systems.”

… Buckminster Fuller


I invite you to choose the path of love-based leadership, and become a trimtab on behalf of all humankind. Each of us can make a difference. We can contribute our gifts to others and, in the process, receive the rewards of being gifted with the talents of others.

Making the decision to be a love-based leader does not require sacrifice. The path of love is a path of joy. It promotes a sense of well being for all who choose it. Choosing love brings forth the best in each of us, and calls us to greater challenges and possibilities. Choosing love opens doorways that we did not know existed and allows for the magic called synergy to blossom in our lives and in the lives of those we touch.

In choosing to be a love-based leader, each of us helps to lay the foundation for a new civilization in which we will manifest the often-imagined “Heaven on Earth”. That possibility is here now. It lies within each of us to be a trimtab, and thus make a major difference. Turn the pages of this book gently, and you will surely find clues to your personal journey.

I wish for you to live your dreams.

Steven Sieden 

Author, Buckminster Fuller’s Universe: His Life and Work


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