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James Roswell Quinn has spent over 4 decades as a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer, Personal Growth Seminar Facilitator, Weight-Loss Coach, and Business Success Coach. He has personally helped thousands of people, from dozens of nationalities and all walks of life, to break through their limitations to success in relationships, business, weight loss, grieving, self-worth, parenting, dating and much much more.

Quinn is a believer in goal setting. Nevertheless, without a foundation of success most goal setting creates results with only great effort … if at all.

Lets use weight loss as an example, but this could be about relationships, business success, raising children … anything.

Look at how many people fail time and time again to lose weight, for example. There is no secret here. Add more exercise, drink more water, eat less carbs … and you can’t miss. Right?  lol

Come on … Get real.

Did you set goals to gain weight?

Did you count calories to make sure you were getting enough of them?

Did you make a “Dream-Board” of what it would look like when you achieved your goal of obesity?

Of course not.

Nevertheless, if you are like the vast majority of overweight people, you have generally added weight as you aged, regardless of what you tried. James Roswell Quinn knows. He too, tried them all … Low-Carb, High-Protein, dangerous Diet Drugs, the Blood-Type diet, All Meat, Vegetarian, Counting Calories, Weighing Food, Fastings, Exercise Machines, Weight-Watchers, Health Clubs, and on and on and on.

The truth is that goal setting, gimmicks, and anything that forces you to change behaviors … rarely lead to success in anything. One thing, and one thing only is necessary.


Don’t set goals, as they only reaffirm what you do NOT have. Quit fighting yourself. End the frustration. Hire Quinn to show you how to set your Dreams in a way that will lead to your life-successes. Let your Dreams drive your behaviors, naturally, effortlessly, and joyfully … but without struggle.

It’s been said that DREAMS are what give our LIVES value.

But I say, it’s how you LIVE that determines if your DREAMS have value.

Set your Dreams. Change your thinking. Watch the RESULTS!

Regardless of your levels of success, if you are “your own worst enemy” in any area of your life, then you know it doesn’t matter if you change jobs, fire somebody, find a new partner, start a new company, get a divorce, read a self-help book, or take a self-improvement seminar … eventually you will find a way to sabotage yourself.

Given The Opportunity, Most People Are Prone To Procrastinate.

It is not about changing your circumstances.  It is about changing yourself. It is definitely not just about goal setting. The truth is that goal setting tends to be effective only in the areas of your life where you are already effective. In fact, those qualities you have used to create success in one area of your life may be causing the frustrations in others.

Whether you are faced with health issues, relationship challenges, professional frustrations, or a low self-worth, Quinn is concerned primarily with one thing … BALANCE.

Quite simply, results don’t lie. It is not acceptable for you to succeed in one area of your life at the expense of another.  Eventually, even areas that are “working” will suffer.  Balance is the key to your being able to create and sustain long-term successes in all 4 areas of your life … with high energy, loving relationships, professional fulfillment, and inner peace.

James Roswell Quinn is committed to your Life Successes …

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually.

Quit wasting time. James Roswell Quinn, Your Dream-Driven Coach, is someone who can help you to identify and/or overcome those behaviors which make you “your own worst enemy”. He has already assisted tens of thousands of people in their quests to overcome everything from minor irritations to terrible tragedies.  More importantly, he has helped them achieve success … personally and professionally.

If you are ready to change. If you are ready to learn how to “get out of your own way”, then Quinn’s vast experience makes him uniquely qualified to be your Dream-Driven Coach. 

Face it, there just aren’t any Success Coaches who have personally guided over 150,000 people, from dozens of nationalities and all walks of life, to break through their fears and limitations to success.

“You are the center of a circle, the circumference of which

is determined by self-imposed limitations.”

 Mahatma Ghandi

Quinn’s vast experience makes him uniquely qualified to be Your Dream-Driven Coach.

James Roswell Quinn


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